Does anyone have a problem with me recycling the community from last year? Speak now or FOREVER hold yer peace.

I was reviewing it just now and it already has all those excellent tags.



Okay, peeps. I'm committing to organizing the party central venue in Chicago again this year. Over the next six to eight weeks we're going to need to settle that.

Question number one. With the new 2011 configuration of our little group here, am I going to need to set up the community in dreamwidth as primary and then have it crosspost? I think that is true.

Coming soon:
1. Community creation, joining
2. Post asking who is committing to 2011/12 Party Central
3. Venue-choosing extravaganza



Under the cut to preserve ur eyes.

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DFS NYE: unlocked reminder.

We're planning the NYE social over here: dfs_nye2010

JOIN the community if you plan on attending, especially if you want in on any Party House schemes, which is why the early planning.


[DFS] - NYE 2010 meta

Sentiment was overwhelmingly in favor of a planning community as a good enough and convenient option. I have created the community. Join up now if you're planning to join the Darkfriends in Chicago this New Year's Eve.

I haven't created any posts there yet, I'll wait a couple of days first. I'll remind, for those that don't read LJ often, and these posts are unlocked unlike the rest of my journal, so as not to leave any dfs out. Point people here if they don't read my lj and you think they'd be interested.

Here we go: dfs_nye2010

If anyone I don't know tries to join I may ping one or two of you oldsters for assistance.


[DFS] - NYE 2010 meta planning

This is for df's, really. If you don't know what that means I forgive you for ignoring me. :)

Hi! I apologize for making you start thinking about the end of the year already, but it's kinda time. ...if and only if we're going to try to do the house thing again this year. Which I think we want to, and I'm willing to organize.

This post is unlocked, unlike the rest of my journal.

If we do have more people wanting in to the accommodations bit, which we might, this is going to take some doing. With that in mind, help me choose the right way to organize all this crap! As far as I can see, we want something that's relatively easy to navigate, private-ish, multi-person administrating, and sharable. I can think of two okay choices: a special LiveJournal community, and Google Sites.

Community Pros: We're here already. Mostly. You don't have to go somewhere special to check it. It's easy to set up.
Community Cons: All the cons associated with Livejournal, really. We know about those.

Google Sites Pros: Easy to link in google maps, google spreadsheets, set up separate areas for different kinds of planning. Almost everyone has a gmail account?
Google Sites Cons: Have to go somewhere ELSE. Non-threaded comments.

Have I forgotten any requirements, or missed any pros and cons? I know other 'wiki'-like options exist, but my thinking is why bother with them, when we have the above two options.

Weigh in, dear semi-democracy! GO.


Okay, so. There are a few rules that must be followed, as I have signed some legal documents that require them! I will summarize them for you here in plain English. They are not hard to follow!

1. No smoking in the house. There is a convenient patio for us to use!

2. We are calling this Party Central, but acting like a frat party will result in this not happening again, at least not in my name. No being excessively loud and bothering the neighbors. I am going to say that this means, in practice, no standing outside in large groups, and no shouting between 10pm and 10am. It is cold and we do not blast loud music, and are not terribly rambunctious, so I don't think this will be difficult. This is also to say, on nights that are not New Years Eve. On NYE, fuck 'em, it's NYE.

3. Please attempt not to make messes that are not easily cleaned. Spills of any kind on fabrics that no one in the house owns are an excellent example of this!

4. If I give you a key or a parking transponder and you lose it, I will kill you and your heirs will owe me $10 and $150 respectively. Part of that sentence is true!

5. It does not look as if there is daily maid service. Don't be a slob!

6. I think this probably goes without saying, but please for the love of unicorns and little fishes do not STEAL anything.

7. Remember, or now receive and retain the knowledge, that my full name is actually Bethany, so if you answer the phone at the house and someone asks for Bethany, "Who's THAT" is not the correct answer. Neither is "You have the wrong number," or "She's in the sauna milking the goats," or "come on down and take a hit, man."

8. OTHER STUFF THAT SHOULD GO WITHOUT SAYING: Also I think I am justified in imposing our own slightly-in-fun-but-mostly-not official house rules here, due to legal responsibility and all.

9. Kenn's Addition: "Your mamma doesn't work here -- bus yourself."

There will be 27 people at this party, and none of them are janitors. I don't want the two or so conscientious people doing all the work of cleaning up.


house rules.

I feel the need to enumerate our house rules, recently codified in email conversations and livejournal comments.


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